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Movie fans comes in all different types as so the movies that they enjoy.  Films have covered every aspects of the human experience from showing serious struggles to reflecting history and also just making us laugh or even scream.  Like with all art forms, movies mirror human life and also influence it in many ways.  We’ll talk about the different genres of movies in this article and explore some examples of noteworthy films in each of the categories.

The first category is action.  Action movies have probably been the most popular in terms of overall attention they’ve gotten and how much money they produce at the box office.  The previous century featured many action movies centered around historical conflicts, especially world war 2 and the Vietnam war.  There also has always been and will continue to be action films about criminals and law enforcement.  During the decades-long Cold War of the previous century, there were also many action films about the East versus the West.  A great example of this are the James Bond movies, which were extremely popular.  And, of course, films about future conflict and action like the Star Wars series were huge blockbusters.  Some would argue that we’re not straying into yet another genre, that of science fiction.  That may be true and there is likely room for overlap in categorizing some movies.

Another area where there is overlap is around action and drama.  War movies, especially if they’re particularly serious, dark, and realistic will certainly be categorized as action and drama.  Another very popular movie from 1977 is Jaws, which was about shark attacks on a coastal town.  That’s another good example of action and drama mixed together very well.  There’s the other end of things, too, where you have action movies that are tongue-in-cheek and almost slapstick.  There are example of war movies, police films, and other types where action and comedy are mixed together with humorous results.

Speaking of combining genres, another segment that reached mass popularity has been the romantic comedy.  Just as the description paints the picture, these are love stories that place the characters in funny situations.  These have been popular because they don’t take the love story element too seriously.  Or, perhaps, they make it lighthearted enough that people can enjoy the love story and not feel that it’s too heavy or one-sided.  We’ll close out part one of this article now with a link to a good resource being able to watch all sorts of movie genres online via streaming at Netflix.  Join us for part two, where we’ll get into documentaries and related genres of films.  Until then, save us an aisle seat!


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