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What are Independent Films?


What Makes Independent Films Better?

Have you ever watched independent films before? Probably your concept of the independent film is that it is acted out by actors that you don’t know. But you will be surprised at how these independent films are also acted out by some of your favorite actors in the mainstream. So, why is it that independent films are not as popular as the mainstream?

First of all, the people that you know who love to watch independent films are the same with those who appreciate art. If you ask these people, they will say that independent films have quality and value. The stories are unique, and it is also where you’ll find that you can’t guess what the next scene will be. Some mainstream films are also good, but you can never find unique stories that indie films are known for. Directors and producers of independent films care more about the value and content of the film rather than for money.

Just like the film entitled “Short Term 12” of Destin Daniel Cretton. It exemplifies the qualities of stories that hold no borders and many other characteristics mentioned above. It has a diverse, engaging and powerful performance from its actors, too.

Try typing indie films in the search engine, and you will find hundreds of titles all over the world. The reason why they are recognized from various parts of the globe is that there are indie film festivals where the best are awarded in that. It is similar to the Oscars and other film awards, but this one is less marketed compared to the mainstream. Once you get to watch one of these indie films, you’ll be amazed that you’d even wonder why mainstream films are still running.

The main attraction of indie films is that the creators behind it have the freedom to create the kind of story they want. They can take the plot to directions that they envision because there is no executive or a higher person that will stop them from doing what they want. Have you ever noticed how mainstream films have some common plots that don’t seem to go away? Mainstream films have to follow what is trendy or what majority of the people love to see because if they don’t, they will never get an ROI from the expenses with the film they created. In other words, fear. Mainstream film makers are afraid of adopting new plots or experimenting things that at least brings freshness to the film they are making because it is such a huge risk. When they fail, they will lose funding and marketing will go down. At the very end, no one will back up their production. It is this reason that mainstream filmmakers keep their plot safe. They always use the same pattern over and over again, even if the scenario or the setting of the film is different. They will avoid experimentation at all costs so that they will still get the returns of what they usually receive.

It is because of such reasons that independent film makers avoid major entertainment companies. They know very well that their plot will be ‘directed’ by the higher ups, and not from their own creativity. That is why when you watch indie films, the story seems entirely different, and you can’t predict when such a situation will develop into a climax. There are no limits to creativity when making indie films.

These days, many indie film makers are not only showing their work in theaters but also through their online social networks. They know they can reach a wide audience that shares similar interests in movies and short films, which is why they just show it online.

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