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Most of us like to save money here and there around our homes by fixing repairs on ourselves instead of hiring professionals. While this may be perfectly okay sometimes, there are some situations and repairs that require the services of a professional. For instance, there are certain plumbing issues in your home may not be fixed by do-it-yourself methods but require the help of a professional, licensed plumber. Plumbers are trained individuals who are highly skilled at fixing a wide range of plumbing problems in the home. In this article, we have rounded up some few issues in your home that require the services of a plumber.


Most of us at one point in time have dealt with a slow drain or clogged a toilet. Often, these issues can be easily rectified with the tools you have in your house. There are even special chemicals that you can buy at most local home improvement stores to break down and dislodge clogs in your drainage pipes. While these chemicals may work, they’re not a long-term solution for reoccurring plumbing issues. Persisted clogs may be a sign of a deeper underlying issue that needs to be inspected and diagnosed by a licensed plumber.

Many clogs in our homes tend to occur deep within the drainage pipes of your house. Over-the-counter products might not effectively break down and clear the clog, and this may result in repeated back ups and slow running drains. Professional plumbers have specialized equipment and tools that allow them to view deep inside your drainage pipes. With tools like camera, these plumbers are able to see the clog and figure out the best way for clearing it. This equipment allows them to locate the clog in your pipes without the need to dig up on your yard. When they find the obstruction, they may use hydro jetting to send high-pressure water through the pipe to clear out the built-up grime and sludge, as well as hard foreign objects that might be obstructing the flow. Drain snakes may be an alternative for temporary cleaning of a drain, but hydro jetting is the best possible method to clear commercial and residential water and sewer lines.


According to the Environmental Protection Agency, an estimated 11,000 gallons of water go to waste each year mainly from dripping faucets, running toilets, and other plumbing leaks in homes. Most of these leaks can be easily repaired by a plumber, saving you a lot of dollars on your water bill. A licensed plumber has the skills and knowledge to troubleshoot any leaks in your house and repair them, saving you hundreds of dollars on your utility costs.

Leaks in your home can occur in the pipes under your foundation or those buried under your yard. If you have trees growing in your yard, their roots can interfere with your plumbing as well. So how do you know you there is a leak in your house? It’s simple. You may notice a spike in your monthly water bill or see wet areas under you cabinets, furniture or even on your ceilings. Having these signs may indicate you have a substantial leak in your house. To diagnose these problems correctly, you’ll want to contact a certified plumber. A plumber will not only figure out the location of the leak but also they have special skills and tools and to fix the issue. Leaks in your home can cost you thousands of dollars in repairing water damage to your home and wasted water. So it’s important that you have them fixed by a certified plumber as soon as possible.

A plumber is trained to repair leaks and clogs and any plumbing issue that might occur in your house or property. It’s important that you work with professionals who are skilled, experienced and offer a warranty on all of their work. A great example is this emergency plumber in Orlando.

If you’re looking for the best plumber in your town, you will want to speak with several potential plumbers and try to judge their experience and skills in the job want it done. You can also speak to your family, or even coworkers for recommendations of a good plumber they have worked with before. Don’t forget to look at their websites if they have one to check their licensing information as well as customer reviews. If you find bad customer reviews on their websites, look for another plumber.

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